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Kate Drews

Kate Drews

Kate Drews

Research Program Manager at icare insurance, specialising in the effects of social support on injury recovery.

Kate is the Research Program Manager at icare insurance. Joining the personal injury industry in 2001, Kate quickly became fascinated by the different experiences of workers recovering from injury. Kate and her colleagues identified that despite a shift from the medical model to the biopsychosocial approach to managing injuries, there is a large gap when it comes to understanding the importance of social connections, wellbeing and mentally healthy workplaces. 

In partnership with Griffith University, Kate is developing the Social Supports Inventory to identify vulnerable people, understand what creates this disconnection from support in the first place, and discover what can assist in preserving these valuable social connections. Kate is keen to work with other emerging leaders who understand that the answers to this problem will only come from a truly collaborative approach.

Watch Kate talk about the Fellowship here.

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