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Planning and Performance

The Commission reports on its performance in accordance with the Commonwealth performance framework to provide meaningful information to the Parliament and the public, and to increase accountability.

Our Annual Report is produced at the end of the reporting cycle and details how we performed during the reporting cycle.  It includes both financial and non-financial performance results.

Together with the Portfolio Budget Statements, the Corporate Plan and Annual Report provide meaningful information about our planned and actual performance for the reporting period.

Corporate plans

Corporate Plan 2019-2023 | PDF 1.1 MB

Corporate Plan 2018-2022 | PDF 549 KB

Corporate Plan 2016-2020 | PDF 269 KB

Corporate Plan 2015-2019 | PDF 756 KB 

Annual reports

Annual Report 2018-19 | PDF 4 MB

Annual Report 2017-18 | PDF 19 MB

Annual Report 2016-17 | PDF 6 MB

Annual Report 2015-16 | PDF 2 MB

Annual Report 2014-15 | PDF 12 MB

Annual Report 2013-14 | PDF 2 MB 

Annual Report 2012-13 | PDF 2 MB

Annual Report 2011-12 | PDF 2 MB

Budget statements

Department of Health portfolio budgets