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Vision 2030 for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

The Commission is connecting with all Australians on the Vision 2030 for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

We are stretching our thinking to envisage the long-term future when Australians at risk of, or experiencing, mental health concerns and suicidality can access a connected and well-functioning system.

What is Vision?

Vision 2030 shapes a national direction for mental health and wellbeing. It is a blueprint for a successful, connected mental health and suicide prevention system to meet the needs of all Australians. As part of the federal Department of Health’s 10 year plan, it takes a long term approach to change and improvement. 

Vision 2030 will be delivered through a unified system that takes a whole-of-community, whole-of-life and person-centred approach to mental health; providing easily navigated, coordinated and balanced community-based services that are offered early to meet each individual's needs and prevent escalating concerns. 

How does Vision fit within other sector reform initiatives?

Australia’s Long Term National Health Plan third pillar focuses on mental health and preventative health. The priorities for this area of health include the delivery of a number of long term plans or strategies for Mental Health.  

Although unique in their focus, these strands of work have significant common areas of review and shared scope in planning for the future. They include overarching strategic and systemic review, planning for specific issues or target populations and implementing key programs and reforms.  

Vision 2030 aims to maintain consistency with the Productivity Commission inquiry and a number of other state, territory and national activities. Although distinct processes, they have a number of overlapping goals and intended outcomes. Vision provides a framework through which current recommendations, future strategies and plans can be viewed to ensure consistent approach towards the same goals for the future mental health system of Australia.

Vision 2030

The Vision journey so far

The development of Vision has been separated into three distinct phases:

  1. The Connections Project

    July – September 2019
    Connections involved the Commission connecting with people in their community to understand their personal experiences of mental health and wellbeing to inform a shared Vision 2030 for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. It sought to ensure that these voices are not only included in the Vision, but that they provide a starting point for the design of an improved approach to the Australian mental health system
  2. Vision 2030; Blueprint for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 

    September – December 2019
    The Blueprint presents a draft agenda which outlines the goals and objectives for mental health care in Australia and the system or services which may meet these.

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