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Vision 2030: Roadmap

The Commission is connecting with all Australians on the Vision 2030 for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Roadmap is the final phase of the three phase process that will see the development of the Vision 2030 Blueprint and Roadmap for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

About the Roadmap

In early 2020, the Commission commenced work on the development of phase three of the Vision project, development of an implementation roadmap.

The Roadmap will address the specific policies, programs, investments and requirements to enable sustainable change, moving from the current state to the system proposed in the Blueprint. 

Development of the Roadmap has been guided by an Advisory Committee consisting of members from:

  • Commonwealth and State governments,
  • Consumer and Carer representatives,
  • Mental health peak bodies,
  • Aboriginal community controlled health organisations,
  • Professional associations,
  • Centres of excellence in mental health research,
  • Clinicians, and
  • Individual professionals.

In addition to the Advisory Committee, content for the Roadmap is being developed and refined based on continued consultation with stakeholders at critical points in the development timeline.

What's next?

During the second half of 2020 the Commission will continue to develop the Roadmap and work towards integrating the findings of other ongoing mental health reform activities currently underway.

During late 2020 a series of structured written consultations will open, seeking input on the Vision Blueprint and Roadmap from both individuals and organisations. For more information on upcoming consultation opportunities, please see our main Vision 2030 page.