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Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship

The Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship is the first program of its kind in Australia, designed to meet the needs of emerging leaders with a passion and commitment to mental health.

The first four cohorts of the AMHLF have completed their program. There are no plans for additional cohorts at this time.

Please direct any enquiries regarding the Fellowship to:

Phone: 02 8229 7550
Email: [email protected]

About the Fellowship

The prestigious Fellowship was developed and led by the National Mental Health Commission and funded by the Australian Government.

The Fellowship incorporates a mix of experiential learning, reflective practice and group activity supported by expert facilitators, coaches and mentors. The educational content  designed and delivered by the University of Melbourne includes mentors sourced from a pool of experienced health managers and leaders.


The Fellowship consists of five components:

  1. Residential learning and networking workshops delivered by a prestigious university. 
  2. One week of experiential learning in a workplace environment providing exposure to leadership roles in various work settings, and the opportunity to reflect on participants own leadership style. 
  3. Diagnostic and assessment tools measuring leadership style, strengths, and capabilities. 
  4. A 12 month mentoring program.
  5. A collaborative group project conducted over approximately six months to assist participants to apply what they have learnt to practical and contemporary issues.

There is an ongoing Fellows alumni network.

Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship