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National Lived Experience (Peer) Workforce Development Guidelines

Appendix 3: Peak agencies

The below lists the peak agencies for the Lived Experience workforce, peak agencies are either a Lived Experience workforce trade or advocacy group, or an overall association of groups allied to the Lived Experience workforce.

Peak agency Jurisdiction Consumer/Family/Carer workforce
ACT Mental Health Consumer Network ACT Consumer Peak
Being NSW Consumer Peak
CLEW (Carer Lived Experience Workforce) VIC Carer Network
CoMHWA WA Consumer Peak
Flourish TAS Consumer Peak
LELAN SA Consumer Peak
Lived Experience Australia formerly the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) Limited National Consumer/Carer Peak for people accessing private mental health services
Mental Health Carers Australia National Carer Peak
Mental Health Carers NSW NSW Carer Peak
Mental Health Family and Friends Tasmania Formerly Mental Health Carers Tasmania TAS Carer Peak
National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum National Consumer/Carer Peak
NSW Consumer Peer Workers’ Committee NSW Lived Experience Public Mental Health Workforce Peak
PHN MHLEEN National Lived Experience Network
QLEWN QLD Lived Experience Workforce Peak
TEMHCO (Top End Mental Health Consumer Organisation) NT Consumer Peak
VMIAC VIC Consumer Peak
WA Peer Supporters Network WA Consumer/Carer Peak