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National Workplace Initiative

In the 2019-20 Federal Budget the Government announced an investment of $11.5 million over four years for the National Workplace Initiative (NWI). The NWI provides a nationally consistent approach to workplace mental health.

A unique feature of the NWI is that it was initiated by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance. The Alliance is made up of 15 national organisations from the business, union, community and government sectors leading change to promote and create mentally healthy workplaces. The National Mental Health Commission (the Commission) is an Alliance member. While managed by the Commission, the Alliance continues to guide the NWI and provide expert advice on its implementation.  

It will: 

  • create an evidence-based framework for workplace mental health strategies
  • help people at work and those connected to them find suitable initiatives and resources
  • showcase successful approaches to mentally healthy workplaces
  • strengthen the many programs and interventions already underway in Australia.

The NWI is utilising local and international research and learning from the industry and mental health experts, and other government organisations. 

The NWI is currently in the planning phase. To register your interest in the project and stay up to date, please fill out the form by clicking on the ‘Sign up to the newsletter’ link below:

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We take your privacy seriously. Your information will only be used for the purpose of establishing an interest register for the National Workplace Initiative and communicating with you about this project. For further information, please read our privacy policy.


If you have a query about the NWI or would like to get in contact with the project team, please email: [email protected].

Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplaces

In September 2021, the Commission released the first iteration of The Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplaces for review. The Blueprint aims to define a vision of mentally healthy workplaces that can be shared by all organisations and businesses across Australia. It also defines the core principles and focus areas for creating environments that protect, respond, and promote to support mental health.  

This Blueprint has been developed as part of the National Workplace Initiative, which aims to create a nationally consistent approach to mentally healthy workplaces.

We recognise that every workplace and industry has unique needs. This Blueprint is intended to create a foundation that can be tailored for specific workplace or industry contexts.  

This Blueprint has been developed in consultation with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, the National Workplace Initiative Frameworks Working Group, and wide networks of people and organisations passionate about creating mentally healthy workplaces. 

To review the Blueprint and share your feedback, visit our engagement hub.


Have Your Say

We recently completed initial consultation on the draft NWI core framework.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. After this consultation, we will:

  • Integrate and act on feedback received in this consultation.
  • Refine the language of this framework using a co-design approach.
  • Conduct a public consultation on the final draft of the NWI core framework.

The below discussion paper includes the framework that will act as the centerpiece of the NWI, informing the scope, resources, tools and supports provided within the NWI.


We look forward to refining the NWI with you in future.



Mentally Healthy Workplaces during COVID-19

Mentally Healthy Workplaces during COVID-19

The Commission, in conjunction with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, has created a series of evidence-based, easy to use guides to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australian workers and to encourage mentally healthy workplaces during COVID-19.

Find out more and access the Mentally Healthy Workplaces during COVID-19 Guides