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Vision 2030: Blueprint

The Commission is connecting with all Australians on the Vision 2030 for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Blueprint was phase two of a three phase process that will see the development of the Vision 2030 Blueprint and Roadmap for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

About Blueprint

From September – December 2019 the Commission sought to develop the Vision Blueprint Consultation Report - a draft agenda which outlines the goals and objectives for mental health care and the system or services which may meet these. [Please note: This current report, as at March 2020, has been prepared to inform the Commission’s consultations as part of the Vision 2030 project and development of the implementation Roadmap. It may not reflect the content of any final consolidated Vision 2030; Blueprint for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.]

The Blueprint Consultation Report brings together and synthesises;

  • Connections data
  • Current and recent Australian and international principles, standards, plans and reviews on mental health (including recommendations)
  • Research evidence on effective mental health systems and service approaches
  • Contextual information on potential future needs and experiences of mental health for all Australians.

Vision 2030 Blueprint provides a national direction for mental health and wellbeing supported by a successful, connected mental health and suicide prevention system that meets the needs of all Australians. As part of the federal Department of Health’s 10 year plans, it takes a long term approach to change and improvement.  

Access to care for people with mental health concerns is the outcome of a complex system and combination of processes working together. Optimisation of a complex system can only be achieved by optimisation of each sub-element. Improvement cannot be achieved by looking at any aspect in isolation. Vision 2030 takes a whole-of-system approach, considering each element required for a well-performing system and its interaction with other system components. 

The Vision 2030 Blueprint defines the optimal components of a well-functioning mental health and suicide prevention system. In 2020, a detailed implementation roadmap will accompany this report, identifying specific models, strategies and processes required to achieve the vision.   

Vision 2030 is consistent with the Productivity Commission inquiry and a number of other state, territory and national activities. Although distinct processes, they have a number of overlapping goals and intended outcomes.  Vision provides a framework through which current recommendations, future strategies and plans can be viewed to ensure a consistent approach towards the same goals.