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National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services delivered to the Commonwealth Government

10 Dec 2014
The National Mental Health Commission is pleased to have delivered the 2014 National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services to the Commonwealth Government.

The Review examines existing mental health programmes and services across all levels of government, and the private and nongovernment sectors. It focusses on assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of programmes and services in supporting individuals experiencing mental ill-health and their families and other support people to lead a contributing life and to engage productively in the community.

The Commission has taken a whole-of-system, whole-of-government and whole-of-life perspective to the Review. Throughout our consultations, the Commission has found a strong commitment to mental health reform to deliver better outcomes for people who need mental health supports and programmes and a strongly shared view about directions for reform.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of all those we consulted. Indeed, the strength of these contributions is no better illustrated than in the more than 2,000 submissions we received.

Consideration of the Review Report now is a matter for the Government.

We look forward to continuing working with the Government and the mental health sector – particularly people with a lived experience, their families and other support people – to collectively achieve our vision that all Australians achieve the best possible mental health and wellbeing.