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National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services released

16 Apr 2015

The National Mental Health Commission is pleased to release its National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services (the Review).

You can read all four volumes of the Review, along with a summary document and fact sheets, on the National Mental Health Commission website.

The Commission believes that Australia has a transformational opportunity to tackle the individual, social and economic costs of mental ill-health if we make mental health a priority.

The reality is that there’s been broad agreement across the sector for decades that change is urgently needed, and that a greater focus on early intervention is the key to reducing the need for crisis care and helping people live their lives to their full potential.

This means investing in things that make a difference and empowering the sector to work with governments of all levels to rebuild a system around the needs of individuals and their families.

The Review provides 25 recommendations across nine strategic directions which guide a detailed implementation framework of activity over the next decade. It includes almost 200 specific actions which provide concrete ways of making these recommendations a reality. 

Taken together, they form a strong, achievable and practical plan for modernising and reforming Australia’s mental health system and ultimately improving the lives of millions of Australians.

The Commission sees this Review as part of the essential, ongoing conversation with consumers, the community, the mental health sector and governments about achieving better outcomes for individuals, families, communities and the Australian economy.

Summary of the Review

The National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services is a comprehensive and detailed report.

Download the Summary (601KB).