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Economics of Mental Health in Australia

08 Dec 2016
The National Mental Health Commission believes there is a link between the mental wellbeing of Australians and our economic growth as a nation.

The cost of mental ill-health in Australia each year is around four per cent of GDP or about $4000 for every tax payer and it costs the nation more than $60 billion.

The Commission’s work to date has shown that improving mental health is an invest-to-save issue. As such, the Commission has put the impact of poor mental health on the economic agenda.

Commission Chair, Professor Allan Fels AO, said there is a need for action across sectors to improve our mental health system through appropriate allocation of resources and to build the mental wealth of our nation.

“Evidence suggests we should focus on prevention and early interventions which can reduce the need for more complex and costly interventions,” Professor Fels said.

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