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National Mental Health Commission given greater powers

07 Aug 2017
The Coalition Government has delivered on its election promise to strengthen the National Mental Health Commission as it takes on its new role, monitoring and reporting on the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan.

CEO of the Commission, Dr Peggy Brown said the Fifth Plan announcement coincides with the appointment of a new Chair to replace Professor Allan Fels and five new Commissioners.

“Lucy Brogden and five new Commissioners will be officially welcomed to their roles by Health Minister Greg Hunt in Canberra today.  Three outgoing Commissioners will also be thanked for their outstanding contribution to mental health reform,” Dr Brown said.

“Eminent businesswoman and psychologist Lucy Brogden will Co-Chair the Commission until February 2018 then take over as Chair, when Professor Allan Fels stands down from the role.

“In addition to Lucy’s new role, the five new Commissioners will bring a wealth of experience to the Board to deliver on the Government’s mental health reform agenda.”

Dr Brown said the Government has provided the Commission with a much needed additional $2 million in funding this financial year.

“The Government’s confluence in strengthening the Commission through this funding and its strong commitment to mental health reform will go a long way to deliver a stronger mental health sector,” she said.

“The new Commissioners will monitor and report on the Government’s mental health reforms and the implementation of the Fifth Plan .

“The Commission will also participate in the development of a mental health research strategy in collaboration with key stakeholders.

“A strategic approach to research is necessary to ensure better service options are available in the future and the best outcomes are achieved from care,” Dr Brown said.

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