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World Mental Health Day 2021

There are over 76,000 FTE members of the mental health workforce in Australia, including psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, mental health social workers and mental health nurses and liaison officers, non-clinical workers and Lived Experience and peer workers. There are thousands more, such as educators and early learning professionals, social workers, youth workers and community leaders who are dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of others. We’re hoping you can help us celebrate them.

This October, in the lead up the World Mental Health Day, the National Mental Health Commission will recognise the outstanding work of the Mental Health Workforce in keeping Australians safe.

Since the bushfires of Dec 2019, this workforce has kept rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and various natural disasters by stepping up to increase service delivery and be there to support Australians.

Our mental health workforce is working around the clock to help keep our community safe. These are everyday Australians doing extraordinary work to support all of us.

The Commission would like to thank our mental health workforce for your dedication to your profession and outstanding commitment to the mental health of Australians over the last 18 months. You are heroes, and help in saving lives making a positive change during a difficult time.

Letter from Christine Morgan - World Mental Health Day

Mental Health Heroes will launch on 1st of October, 2021. Below you can see an example of a nominated Mental Health worker kindly sent in by her team, Lifeline Central West.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to show gratitude to a person on your team and nominate a hero and have them fill out the nomination form below.

Jodie - Central West

How to nominate a special person in your team:

  • Step 1: Tell your staff member that they are awesome, and you want to highlight their amazing contribution to the mental health sector. Send them the below Mental Health Hero nomination form. Download the Mental Health Hero nomination form here
  • Step 2: Together decide if you will send us a video or a photo of the hero to accompany their responses.
  • Step 3: Return to [email protected]

Alternatively download our “Mental Health Heroes” logo below and add it to a picture of your favourite staff member. Upload it to your socials direct (please seek permission from the nominee first) and share why they are appreciated. Be sure to tag: #MHDHeroes and #Worldmentalhealthday to be featured below.

Download the Mental Health Heroes logo

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Our Mental Health Heroes