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Review into the Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Services Available to Current and Former Serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) Members and their Families

In March 2017, the Commission released the final report on the Review into the Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Services available to current and former serving Australian Defence Force members and their families (the Review).

The Prime Minister, the Minister for Veterans' Affairs and Defence Personnel and the then Minister for Health and Aged Care tasked the Commission to conduct this review in August 2016. Through a series of survey, submissions, group discussions and individual interviews, there were many areas of improvements to systems, services, beliefs and culture identified.

This report presents the key findings against the Review’s terms of reference and recommendations regarding areas for improvement and/or further investigation by Government.

Thank you to everyone who provided information to this Review for your valuable contributions. We acknowledge and value your personal efforts and experiences, and support you in your resilience and commitment to recovery.