#GettingThroughThisTogether Community


0:00 dealing with this pandemic isn't easy

0:01 for anyone

0:03 it's important to play your part make

0:06 sure others are okay

0:08 even if they seem they're okay they may

0:10 not be

0:11 helping others helps me can help you too

0:15 but your support can make a difference

0:18 don't wait for others to reach out let's

0:21 reach in

0:22 as a mum of three looking after the kids

0:24 during covert has been hard

0:26 but we can't forget about ourselves i

0:28 realize the importance of looking after

0:30 myself both physically and mentally

0:32 so that i can care for others because my

0:34 family

0:35 depend on me during covert many of us

0:39 are drinking more

0:41 we might think it helps us to switch off

0:43 to escape all that negative stuff

0:45 but it can become one of those negatives

0:48 alcohol is no substitute for real

0:50 support from family

0:52 friends or a support worker it's better

0:55 not to bottle up your feelings

1:00 if you're worried about money you're not

1:01 alone there's free support to assist you

1:04 through your financial stress

1:06 we can discuss options with you and

1:08 provide help and advice about how to

1:10 manage your financial situation

1:16 with union work i had a routine i knew

1:19 what i was doing and where i had to be

1:21 now with kovid it's hard but i find that

1:24 a little structure in my day helps

1:26 so i try to plan activities that don't

1:28 involve screen time

1:30 like cooking we know isolation can make

1:33 things worse

1:34 for those experiencing controlling or

1:36 abusive situations at home

1:38 but there's no place for domestic

1:40 violence there

1:41 is however a safe place for you to stay

1:45 we're here to help you today

1:51 we know our fitness motivation may have

1:53 wavered a little since march

1:55 but don't underestimate the value in a

1:57 little activity

1:58 to get a spring in your step and clarity

2:00 in your mind

2:03 keeping active can help switch your mind

2:06 off

2:09 there is so much uncertainty right now

2:11 with how we work and do business

2:13 as a business owner there is a lot of

2:15 financial stress right now

2:16 on my business and me personally as well

2:19 the business needs a lot of focus

2:21 and i can't forget myself in the process

2:24 so i have found a lot of free support

2:25 right now to help me during this time

2:28 the uncertainty and disruption covert 19

2:32 is causing to all our lives can take a

2:34 toll

2:35 on your mental health and well-being

2:38 it's impacting all of us

2:39 in all different ways it's particularly

2:42 hard

2:43 for those of us who are living through

2:44 restrictions

2:46 remember our daily decisions protect our

2:49 family

2:50 our friends and our community and you

2:53 are not alone

2:54 for each and every one of us if we take

2:57 care of our mental health

2:59 if we reach out and ask for support when

3:01 we need it

3:02 when we reach out to others and give

3:04 them the support they need

3:06 the more we can be mentally healthy the

3:09 more

3:09 easily we will find our way through

3:12 let's get through it together

3:14 and let's stay safe

3:18 [Music]

3:26 you

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Commission acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands throughout Australia.
We pay our respects to their clans, and to the elders, past and present, and acknowledge their continuing connection to land, sea and community.


The Commission is committed to embracing diversity and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the provision of health services. The Commission welcomes all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lived Experience

We acknowledge the individual and collective contributions of those with a lived and living experience of mental ill-health and suicide, and those who love, have loved and care for them. Each person’s journey is unique and a valued contribution to Australia’s commitment to mental health suicide prevention systems reform.