#InThisTogether - Collective Message


0:00 these can be the hardest of times for

0:02 any of us

0:04 anxiety isolation fear all

0:08 understandable we're also facing an

0:10 extraordinary challenge to keep caring

0:13 for each other to stay connected with

0:15 each other while remaining physically

0:18 distant and healthy while we distance

0:20 ourselves physically staying socially

0:24 and emotionally connected is more

0:26 important than ever connecting with each

0:29 other as a part of who we are

0:31 it's your nitrates in our culture and

0:33 it's essential for our mental health and

0:35 will be for some of us who already live

0:38 with a mental illness we will need more

0:40 support now from our loved ones and from

0:42 professional support services checking

0:45 in with family friends neighbors and

0:46 colleagues will help at this time

0:48 together we can help each other access

0:51 mental health support we've come

0:53 together to share some tips taking in

0:57 large amounts of negative news can make

0:59 us all feel anxious so pause the

1:02 scrolling and take a break from the all

1:04 day news cycle let's actually talk and

1:07 not just type using your phone or your

1:09 computer to hear familiar voices and see

1:11 familiar faces is a great way to deal

1:13 with isolation and help tackle those

1:16 difficult feelings in these difficult

1:18 times if we can help create a new

1:21 routine time for exercise time for sleep

1:26 time for healthy eating and time away

1:29 from the screen all of these things can

1:32 help each of us with our own mental

1:34 health and help each of us help others

1:37 with their mental health take regular

1:40 breaks from work news and even family

1:43 demands and my needs time to rest and

1:45 heal to reduce anxiety and stress you'll

1:48 really benefit from switching off get

1:50 sweaty even the smallest amount of

1:52 exercise is great for both your physical

1:54 and your mental health so whether you go

1:57 outside and walk run right well you can

2:00 also do a YouTube workout at home

2:02 financial stress is a reality for many

2:05 of us at the moment it impacts your

2:07 mental health and well-being taking

2:09 action will help you to feel more in

2:10 control talk to an expert we

2:13 can all make a difference and we are

2:15 let's continue to make decisions that

2:17 safeguard protect and care for our

2:19 family and friends and our community

2:22 your actions matter

2:24 please let children know it's okay for

2:26 them to be worried and talk about their

2:29 feelings as a parent make new routines

2:33 for the whole family at home make sure

2:36 there's time every day for fun

2:39 activities and challenge yourself and

2:41 your children to find Co bird free time

2:44 in every single day and lastly make sure

2:47 you reach out for support if you or your

2:50 children need it it can feel quite

2:52 lonely when we're at home so let's get

2:55 creative about staying connected

2:57 if you tech-savvy help somebody else in

2:59 your home to get online and stay

3:01 connected be kind to yourself

3:04 many of us are supporting others at the

3:06 moment monitor how you're feeling and

3:09 seek support when you need it

3:11 our essential work force is under

3:14 incredible pressure at the moment they

3:15 need our understanding and support make

3:18 sure you thank them support them and

3:20 ensure they seek help when they're not

3:22 coping reach out stay connected

3:24 some people may live alone or may not

3:27 have friends or family close by we're

3:29 all stronger when we build and maintain

3:31 our local communities and culture it's

3:33 okay not to feel okay we're all being

3:36 challenged by covert 19 we don't have to

3:40 go through this alone

3:41 support is important and services are

3:44 available to help everyone remember our

3:47 way is to take care of elders and check

3:49 in on them regularly check in on those

3:53 your neighbor who lives alone

3:56 those still recovering from bush fires

3:58 and flights those who are doing it tough

4:00 financially the young who need us more

4:03 than ever

4:04 families who are struggling to get

4:05 through their days those that have

4:07 fallen ill but if we can look out for

4:10 the health and mental health of our

4:12 health workers they can look out for the

4:15 health and mental health of all of us

4:18 let's stay connected let's be there

4:21 for each other be kind to one another

4:24 we're all in this together

4:33 you


Resource published:

Together with mental health organisations, experts and leaders, the National Mental Health Commission has developed #InThisTogether – a national conversation sharing practical tips online to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians during #COVID19.

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The Commission acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands throughout Australia.
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The Commission is committed to embracing diversity and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the provision of health services. The Commission welcomes all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lived Experience

We acknowledge the individual and collective contributions of those with a lived and living experience of mental ill-health and suicide, and those who love, have loved and care for them. Each person’s journey is unique and a valued contribution to Australia’s commitment to mental health suicide prevention systems reform.