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Healthcare Professionals Experiences Regarding Personality Disorder

To further expand on the research conducted by SANE Australia on the needs of Australians living with personality disorder, we partnered with SANE Australia to conduct a study into the experiences of healthcare professionals with regards to personality disorder.

The Understanding views and experiences of healthcare professionals regarding personality disorder study aimed to investigate:

  • The training healthcare professionals typically receive
  • The types of treatment and support services provided to consumers
  • The attitudes of healthcare professionals towards people living with personality disorder
  • The barriers and concerns healthcare professionals face when working with people living with personality disorder
  • The support healthcare professionals would like to receive in terms of service provision and access, training, guidelines, etc.
  • Healthcare professionals’ awareness of relevant personality disorder treatment guidelines.

In order to better meet the needs of people living with personality disorder, the study advocated for better supports for healthcare professionals to provide longer term and more intensive treatment. The study also called for an increase in education and training opportunities in order to upskill healthcare professionals.